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Customize Units and Scale

Display up to three levels of date and time markings, each with its own format. The time axis can also be expanded or compressed with a simple drag and drop, allowing you to zoom in or zoom out on key periods during the project:

Non-linear or logarithmic time axis created in OnePager Pro. Stretch or compress different months or quarters to create a non-linear timescale.

Tracking Status with the Time Cursor

The time cursor corresponds to the status date of your project and gives you a glimpse into how far along you are into the overall project delivery. The time cursor can display the status date, with or without a pointer to make it more visible. The time cursor can also highlight the portions of the project immediately preceding or following the project status date to compare completed work to future effort:

See the status date of your project and how much work remains.

Shading and Hiding Weekends

Weekends can automatically be shaded a different color to indicate that work is not taking place:

Shade weekends on your project timeline.

If you prefer, you can hide all non-working time so that only working hours are shown in your report. This example has completely hidden Saturdays and Sundays from the Gantt chart:

Remove weekends and holidays, leaving only working time on the project timeline..

Flexible Time Axis Positioning

OnePager can show a time axis at the top or bottom of each page of your Gantt chart. In addition, you can also create one or more floating time axes in the middle of your chart. In this example, there is a floating time axis in the middle of each swimlane, and the milestones are placed on top of it:

Floating time axis in the middle of the Gantt chart. Milestones can be positioned on top of the floating time axis, creating a timeline within each swimlane.

Feature Details

  • Customize the units and formatting of your time axis, with up to three different levels.
  • Drag and drop the widths of time axis cells to create a non-linear time axis that zooms in on important timespans.
  • The time axis can appear at the top of your chart, the bottom, or both. You can also create multiple floating time axes anywhere in the middle of the chart. Tasks and milestones can be positioned on or around the floating time axis.
  • Account for non-working time by shading or completely hiding weekends and holidays.
  • Customize gridlines and A/B background colors to make different time units stand out.
  • Adjust the start and finish date of your project plan to show more or less time.
  • Define your own custom date formats--perfect for international project reporting
  • Display dates using a calendar year, or a user-defined fiscal year.
  • Show the project status date using the time cursor.
  • Highlight the elapsed time or remaining time for the overall project.