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Hire the Project Reporting Experts

Many organizations take project management and project reporting seriously, some take it for granted, and some simply avoid it altogether. Chronicle Graphics' world-renowned experts can help your team better visualize your projects, communicate issues, and ultimately deliver a more successful outcome.

Scheduling and Program Management Best Practices

Chronicle Graphics project management consulting services

Problem: Your organization is averse to formal scheduling or program management practices because the overhead is seen as larger than the potential return. However, the lack of formal planning has caused delivery issues with one or more projects.

Solution: Chronicle Graphics’ professional services group will work with your team to instill the value of program management and scheduling. Our unique approach doesn’t force a particular methodology; rather, we listen to the needs of contributors at all levels, and custom-tailor a set of best practices that suit the unique requirements of the organization, while being rooted in industry best-practices. Regular checkups ensure that new processes are being followed and, where appropriate, are being adjusted to meet changing needs.

Ideal for:

  • Organizations managing complex projects or programs without a formal process
  • Organizations where formal scheduling or project management practices have failed to take root
  • Organizations that have not established a PMO for budgetary or political reasons
  • Organizations finding that conventional schedule preparation techniques are not effective for project reporting

Visualization and Reporting Expert Services

Problem: Your organization needs to understand key deliverables, risks, and timeframes for one or many projects, but has no means of delivering a consistent set of regular reports. Project managers are left to create manual project reports, which takes significant time and distracts them from actually managing their projects.

Solution: Chronicle Graphics’ professional services group will work with your team to determine a set of time-saving reporting standards to be used across all ongoing projects and programs. Project managers will be taught how to manage projects with an eye towards efficient reporting. Project visualization experts will determine which reporting best practices will be most effective for the different types of audiences reviewing regular reports.

Ideal for:

  • Organizations with no standard format or process for project reporting
  • Organizations spending significant time building project reports and presentations manually
  • Organizations avoiding project reporting altogether because of the time and effort involved

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