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Custom Project Reporting is Closer Than You Think

Project reporting does not have to be a capital expenditure or a time-intensive manual effort. Let the project visualization experts from Chronicle Graphics customize a solution based on our industry-leading OnePager project reporting software.

Custom Project Report Design

Our OnePager software is designed to be easy to configure and even easier to use. However, some organizations still prefer hands-on assistance in configuring OnePager to work with specific types of projects. Chronicle Graphics’ report design services typically include one or more of the following:

    Customize a OnePager template for your team's project reporting needs.
  • OnePager Template Design: Design of OnePager templates that automatically apply conditional formatting, group/sort rules, layout, color schemes, and other standard styles. These templates can be used by multiple project managers across multiple projects to create a project reporting standard.
  • Project Layout Assistance: Design of a standard layout for managing projects themselves, generally in the form of a custom Microsoft Project or Excel file that can be used as a basis for new projects.
  • Initial Report Setup: Creation of initial project reports, including any specific customization beyond the capabilities of a template. Once created, each individual project report can be seamlessly updated by your team without further assistance from us.

Custom Development and Integration

Chronicle Graphics’ maintenance and support program offers our users several releases per year with new features, usability improvements, and other enhancements.

For users of OnePager who prefer additional enhancements beyond our standard product roadmap, customization services are available. Most customizations are eventually rolled into our core OnePager off-the-shelf solution, and in these cases, are offered at very affordable rates.

Customization services include: Integrate any PPM tool into OnePager for powerful visualization.

  • New Feature Development: Addition of new product features beyond the existing product roadmap for OnePager project presentation software. Users may choose to expand upon an existing capability, or request a completely new feature set.
  • Third-Party Integration: Integration of OnePager’s product reporting capabilities into third-party project portfolio management tools, home-grown project management systems, or other custom data sources.

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Please contact us for rates, availability, or other questions on our customization services.


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