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Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Process Integration


We encounter many project management organizations who have simply outgrown their tools and processes, and are scrambling to figure out what to do. Often, we witness them flounder for months due to their busy schedules and competing priorities, only to end up on a path of uncertainty.

We can help you figure out where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. The engagement will not focus on tools, however, we will help you determine which direction you want to go in terms of tool-types (but not specific tools, themselves).

For example, do you want to track resources now or at any point in the future, to allow you to analyze cost-data? Do you understand, operationally, what this means? Do you want to have your resources collaborate in your project management application now or at any point in the future? If so, why? How many projects do you have now, and do you plan to have in the near future, and do you need reporting for them all across the portfolio? How large is your team now, and how large will it be in the near future? Is there any plan to decentralize or centralize project management?

There are many questions like this that you need to take into consideration to understand what’s going on now, where your areas of improvement are, what you do well that you’d like to keep doing, and create a plan for growth that is scalable.

Who Benefits?

  • Customers who have outgrown their current planning process and infrastructure, but need help plotting the path forward
  • Teams that do not have a thorough understanding of the breadth of tools available to help organizations in a variety of ways

Typical Engagement

The outline below represents a typical PPM process engagement. This outline can be custom-tailored to each client's individual needs.

  1. Documented analysis of current-state (process, what works, what doesn’t)
  2. Requirements and goals gathering of for PPM, at the next phase(s) of growth
  3. Recommended process updates and suggested direction for tool-types

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