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Temporary Staff Augmentation


Our experts can help implement OnePager right away for a specific initiative, or can embed an expert to help foster adoption and act as an onsite support resource. Project management consultants that have OnePager expertise simply do not exist outside of our company.

These engagements are meant to be short-term, so we’ll always be working to exit, as quickly as we can.

Who Benefits?

  • Customers who are in heavy growth mode where resources are already stretched thin
  • Teams where OnePager expertise is needed to provide a short-term bridge for a long-term need, and where adequate experience does not exist internally
  • Organizations who need planning resources, with expertise in OnePager, for a defined period of time

Typical Engagement

The outline below represents a typical PPM process engagement.

  1. The statement of work can be custom-tailored to each client's individual needs.
  2. Recommendation of onsite or remote staffing, or some combination.
  3. Documentation of specific goals and deliverables
  4. Estimated duration of total engagement, based on level of effort and client requirements.

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