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Template and Report Standardization


OnePager uses Templates to allow teams to standardize their reporting, and their visual language. Without mastering templates, the efficiency of OnePager will never be realized. Without data visualization fundamentals, it will be more challenging to ensure the templates being created are providing the maximum benefit possible, to the organization. OnePager experts can be inserted, with the skills inherent, to create templates to meet the variety of needs that may be present across the business, and in a more immediate timeframe.

Who Benefits?

  • Organizations desiring more efficient and effective plan communications
  • Teams who lack data visualization expertise
  • Groups whose leadership desire a more immediate and expert OnePager implementation

Typical Engagement

The outline below represents a typical template and report standardization engagement. This outline can be custom-tailored to each client's individual needs.

  1. Audit and assessment of existing processes and business landscape
  2. Audit and assessment of existing visual communications used in planning
  3. Workshop on data visualization best practices for OnePager users, and their audience
  4. Communications Plan and Data Visualization Redesign Phase or Updates
    • Catalog of Portfolio, Programs, and Projects
    • Comms Matrix
    • Listen and Learn sessions with the audience
    • Whiteboarding
    • Paired Prototyping
  5. Data Visualization Process Implementation
  6. OnePager Template Creation
  7. OnePager Template Maintenance Training
  8. Handoff

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