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OnePager Team Training: 4-hour Intermediate

Our 4-hour OnePager intermediate training class is available online or on-site, and covers the following topics:

Intro Topics

  • Anatomy of a OnePager Chart
  • Key Differences between Project Views, Templates, and Snapshots
  • Make a New View
  • Update an Existing View – Existing Snapshot
  • Update an Existing View – New Snapshot
  • Open an Existing View
  • Introduction to the Properties of the Project View
  • Field Mappings
  • Output of OnePager Views
  • Three Main Dimensions of Automatic Organization

Basic Topics

  • Modification of Space
  • Reposition tasks/milestones
  • Label configuration
  • Sizing of tasks/milestones
  • Legend
  • Time Axis
  • Header/Footer
  • Modification of document size
  • Task Collection
  • Virtual Summary Tasks
  • Color
  • Shapes
  • Fills
  • Fonts
  • Free Shapes

Intermediate Topics

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Templates
  • Enhanced Font Formatting
  • Deadlines & Endpoints
  • Percent Complete
  • Critical Path
  • Baselines
  • Drag, Drop, and Resizing Capabilities
  • Multi-Project Support
  • Column Splitting
  • Auto-Crop
  • Snapshot Dependency Options for Formatting Changes
  • Multi-page
  • Task absorption
  • File Management
  • Working with Project Server, Project Online, and Enterprise Custom Fields (as appropriate)

Hands-on Exercises

  • Working with lots of tasks
  • Grouping tasks into swimlanes and rows
  • Snapshot with Conditional Formatting
  • Color Challenge
  • Weekly status report

Course content can also be customized to fit specific requirements of your team.

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