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OnePager Pro Builds Master Schedule for Aerospace Program

This schedule, built from multiple Microsoft Project plans using OnePager Pro, shows a high-level summary of all of the aerospace programs currently underway at a major defense contractor. By looking at this schedule, executives can understand which programs are on track, and which programs will need assistance if they are to be completed on time.

Master schedule of multiple aerospace programs run by a defense contractor.

Download Master Program Schedule as PDF      Download Master Program Schedule as Image

Master Aerospace Schedule Features

This master schedule features:

  • Dynamic color-coding by status (red, yellow, green) based on Microsoft Project
  • Endpoint markers call attention to start and finish dates.
  • Grouping of individual programs by the company division (e.g. satellites, logistics) responsible for them
  • Fiscal years to tie program schedules to financial reporting
  • A time cursor to indicate today's date relative to all programs underway

This master program schedule was built with OnePager Pro, project timeline software that plugs into Microsoft Project, but can also be built using OnePager Express for Excel.

To find out more about how OnePager can create master program schedules from your Microsoft Project or Excel files, get started today by downloading a free trial or attending one of our demonstration webinars.

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Sample Files

This master program schedule was built using the following files, which you can download if you'd like to create something similar. There is one set of files for Microsoft Project users, and a second set for Excel.

For Microsoft Project users:

For Excel users:


To build a master program schedule like the example above, follow these instructions:

  1. Download one set of the sample files listed above. You can download either the Microsoft Project or the Excel version, depending on how you manage projects. The Microsoft Project and Excel files contain the actual schedule and the OnePager template files have all of the settings that will correctly format the chart. There is a corresponding OnePager template for Microsoft Project and a separate one for Excel, so be sure that the template matches the project plan that you download. Save both files to your desktop.

  2. Open the Microsoft Project or Excel file.

  3. Once Microsoft Project or Excel is open, go to Add-Ins and click the OnePager button.

  4. When the start screen appears click NEW to build a new chart.

  5. With the project plan ready for import, we need to change OnePager's default template to the one downloaded above. To do this, click on Change, and then BROWSE FILES to the OnePager template (*.tat) file. This OnePager template contains all of the data-driven formatting (colors, layout, etc.) that give this master program schedule its specific look. Again, make sure that you match the template to whether you are using Microsoft Project vs. Excel.

    Use a Custom OnePager Template

  6. With the template loaded, click on Create New Project View to build your chart. It should closely match the example at the top of this article.
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