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Project Milestone Tracker

This project milestone tracker, created in OnePager Pro, displays key milestones for a multi-phase Microsoft Project plan. Past milestones are compressed along the timeline, while future milestones are expanded, making it easier to identify upcoming deliverables across all phases of the project.

Project Milestone Tracker

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OnePager Pro Project Milestone Tracker Features

The project milestone tracker features:

  • Assignment of a unique color to each phase of the project.
  • Grouping key milestones into a swimlane at the top for faster reference, with a swimlane for each project phase beneath it.
  • Compression of the time axis so that past milestones are still shown, but future milestones get the focus.
  • Inclusion of a floating time axis between the key milestones and the rest of the project, so it's easy to see when things are due.
  • Addition of a gray curtain to show time that has passed, compared to future deliverables.

This project milestone tracker was created using OnePager Pro, the project reporting app for Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online..

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