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RFP Timeline Made with OnePager Pro

This timeline, created from Microsoft Project data imported into OnePager Pro, shows the response, protest, and award of a government contract and the RFP process that preceded it. It enables respondents, solicitors, and regulators to understand the chain of events that led up to the contract being awarded.

Timeline of the award of a government contract to a defense contractor.

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OnePager Pro Timeline Features

This timeline uses:

  • Automatic assignment of colors and symbols to each defense contractor or government agency that participated in the bidding process
  • Positioning of related tasks (i.e. draft and final RFP responses) on the same line to show the relationship
  • Grouping and sorting of timeline elements by the major phases of the bidding process
  • Use of comment boxes to highlight regulatory decisions and other key milestones

This RFP timeline was created using OnePager Pro, timeline software from Chronicle Graphics that interfaces directly with existing Microsoft Project schedules.

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