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Rocket Program Schedule Made in Excel with OnePager Express

This program summary, designed in OnePager Express using Excel schedule data, illustrates an aerospace company's two concurrent rocket development projects at an executive level. This timeline can be used by clients or executives to understand the overall status of the company's rocket programs.

Program-level schedule for multiple rocket development projects undertaken by an aerospace contractor.

Download Rocket Program Schedule as PDF      Download Rocket Program Schedule as Image

OnePager Express Program Schedule Elements

The program schedule uses:

  • Automatic color-coding of each task by the program phase assigned in Excel
  • Grouping of all the related tasks for each rocket into single-row ribbon views
  • Percent complete sliders to illustrate each rocket's progress
  • Comment boxes to highlight important developments in each program

This program schedule schedule was built in OnePager Express, project presentation software from Chronicle Graphics that imports project information from Excel.

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