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Satellite Launch Schedule Created in Excel using OnePager Express

This schedule, created in OnePager Express using data from Excel, shows a multi-national plan for satellite launches over a nine-month period. It enables schedulers to understand potential launch conflicts, and to understand the best timing for a new satellite launch during the same window.

Schedule of a nine-month multi-national plan of satellite launches.

Download Satellite Launch Schedule as PDF      Download Satellite Launch Schedule as Image

OnePager Express Schedule Features

The schedule features:

  • Automatic assignment of colors and symbols for each launch vehicle
  • Grouping and sorting of launches by country of origin to show which parts of the world have the most activity
  • Positioning of multiple launches on the same row of the schedule to show relationships and to save presentation space
  • Inclusion of a monthly floating time axis in each swimlane, with launches above and below it, to create a timeline for each country

This planned launch schedule was created using OnePager Express, schedule presentation software from Chronicle Graphics that imports a list of events directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

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