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Tier 1 Milestone Timeline

This milestone timeline was created in OnePager Pro and is based on a tier 1 aerospace schedule from Microsoft Project.

Tier 1 milestone timeline created in OnePager Pro for an aerospace contractor.

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OnePager Pro Tier 1 Milestone Timeline

The tier 1 milestone timeline uses:

  • Alignment of multiple milestones into a single row, creating a timeline for each tier of the schedule.
  • Conditional formatting, so that each category of milestones has a unique color and shape.
  • A floating time axis near the bottom of the chart so that it's easy to tell when key milestones are scheduled to be complete.
  • Dynamic display of dependencies between key project milestones and external deliverables.

This tier 1 milestone timeline was built in OnePager Pro, project scheduling software which works with Microsoft Project and Project Server.

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