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This aerospace tier 1 schedule was created in OnePager Pro using a project plan imported from Microsoft Project.

Tier 1 schedule displaying tasks, dependencies, and a logarithmic timescale from an aerospace project plan.

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OnePager Pro Tier 1 Schedule

The tier 1 schedule includes:

  • Grouping of each major project phase into its own swimlane.
  • A non-linear time axis, where dates in the past are displayed at half-width, and future dates are displayed at double-width.
  • Import of predecessor and successor information from Microsoft Project, which drives dependency lines.
  • Display of percent complete, with progress bars at the bottom of each tasks. Incomplete milestones are left as an outline shape, while completed milestones have a solid fill color.
  • Conditional formatting, to assign a common color to parallel milestones in each project phase.

This tier 1 schedule was created in OnePager Pro, project reporting software that works with Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online.

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