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Drinking Water Upgrade Programme

Baseline Rev 1.0

This drinking water upgrade programme, created in OnePager, displays the initial baseline of key milestones for each site in a series of drinking water upgrade projects.

Drinking Water Upgrade Programme

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Drinking Water Upgrade Programme Features

This drinking water upgrade programme features:

  • Timeline layout quickly aligns all milestones for a given project site in a single row.
  • Swimlanes group projects by region.
  • Overall project status for each site is displayed in a text column.
  • Conditional formatting assigns a distinct color for each type of milestone. For example, contract award milestones are always green, and practical completion milestones are always red, making it easy to track common milestones across multiple project sites.
  • Baseline dates enable the programme manager to compare planned vs. actual milestone dates.

This drinking water upgrade programme was created using OnePager Bundle, a scheduling application that uses data imported from Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project.

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