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Subdivision Build-Out Plan Created from OnePager Express and Excel

This project plan, created in OnePager Express, uses Primavera P6 data to show the schedule for the build-out of a multi-phase residential housing development, and gives the developers an indication of when each home site will be completed.

Subdivision Build-Out Plan

Download Subdivision Build-Out Plan as PDF      Download Subdivision Build-Out Plan as Image

OnePager Express Project Plan Features

The project plan features:

  • Grouping of homesites into model build-out and two construction phases.
  • Collection of key activities (contract, construction, closing) by home site.
  • Conditional formatting automatically gives each type of activity a unique symbol and color.
  • Time cursor shows today's date relative to build-out progress.

This subdivision build-out plan was created using OnePager Express, a project reporting app from Chronicle Graphics that uses data exported from Oracle Primavera P6, by way of Excel.

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