Consulting Engagement Schedule Built with OnePager Pro

This engagement schedule was built in OnePager Pro using data from Microsoft Project. It was put together by the consulting firm's engagement team to communicate the current status of a consulting project to the project sponsors at the client.

Project schedule used as a part of a status review for an ongoing consulting engagement.

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OnePager Pro Engagement Schedule Features

The schedule features:

  • Baseline markers that help the consulting firm show the client which tasks are ahead of schedule and which are behind.
  • Arrows that show the client the relationship between certain key events during the engagement.
  • Timeline cursor that indicates the schedule is current as of a certain date. The consulting firm can automatically create weekly snapshots of the project schedule to show how the engagement timeline changes from week to week.
  • Automatic grouping of project tasks and milestones into swimlanes that correspond to specific phases of the engagement.
  • Color-coding of project tasks based on the consulting resources responsible for delivering them.

This consulting engagement schedule schedule was drawn using OnePager Pro, project presentation software from Chronicle Graphics that interfaces with Microsoft Project.

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