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Process Improvement Project Schedule Developed with OnePager Pro

This project schedule, developed in OnePager Pro, uses data exported from a Microsoft Project plan. It shows a high-level summary of the overall project schedule, and also includes a more detailed view of the research phase of the engagement.

Project schedule for a process improvement consulting engagement.

Download Process Improvement Schedule as PDF      Download Process Improvement Schedule as Image

OnePager Pro Schedule Features

The schedule features:

  • Filtering of the Microsoft Project schedule to only show high-level summaries of most project phases, while allowing a drill-down detailed view of the research phase of the project.
  • Positioning of multiple Gantt bars in the same row to save on vertical space in the project schedule.
  • Taller bars represent summary tasks, while shorter bars represent detail tasks
  • Dynamic color coding of each task based on the project phase it belongs to in Microsoft Project.
  • Time cursor that indicates the current status date of the project schedule. The consulting firm can quickly and easily create monthly snapshots of its project schedule to show how deliverables shift from month to month.
  • Percent complete markers indicate project status based on the information already residing in Microsoft Project.

This process improvement project schedule was presented using OnePager Pro, a Gantt chart tool from Chronicle Graphics that uses data exported from Microsoft Project.

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