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Midstream Milestone Timeline

This Midstream Milestone Timeline, built in OnePager Pro for Microsoft Project, illustrates the sequence of events for a midstream energy project that spans several different sites.

Wellhead, flowline, and facility inspections across multiple fields.

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OnePager Pro Midstream Milestone Timeline Features

In this Midstream Milestone Timeline:

  • Milestones are aligned left-to-right based on where the work is being peformed.
  • Milestones are filled in a solid color once complete, and left hollow if not.
  • Regulatory activities are assigned a triangle shape, launches are a star, and all other activities are a circle. Shapes are assigned automatically based on the type of milestone. No manual editing is required.
  • The status date of the project (April 2018) is shown with a dotted line in the middle of the timeline.
  • The current year (2018) of the project is expanded to a 3X zoom to make it easier to understand near-term milestones.
  • Milestones are connected with arrows to show the sequence of events from one milestone to the next. These lines are created automatically based on dependency information already in Microsoft Project.
  • The project is grouped into swimlanes first by region and then by production site.

This Midstream Milestone Timeline was built in OnePager Pro, timeline software that works with Microsoft Project, Project Server, and Project Online.

To learn more about OnePager, and see how it can help you with your project milestone tracking, get started today by downloading a free trial.

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