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How-tos by Industry

Aerospace & Defense

Sample project and program schedules for aerospace and defense contractors.

Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, & Healthcare

Project and portfolio timelines from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Consulting & Professional Services

Timelines and Gantt charts from the consulting and professional services sector.

Government & Public Sector

Program charts and schedule analysis for public sector projects.


Product roadmaps and lifecycle timelines for automotive and electronics manufacturers.

Finance & Insurance

Project and portfolio reports from finance and insurance companies.


Project presentations and Gantt charts from telecommunications carriers.


Executive summaries of IT projects from hardware and software companies.


Construction, civil engineering, and public works project reports.


Oil, gas, power, and renewable energy projects.

How-tos by Need

Project Planning & Execution

Solutions for successfully planning and executing a project.

Project Communication and Reporting

Solutions for communicating project status to executives, clients, or other stakeholders.

Program and Portfolio Management

Solutions for reporting on multi-project programs and portfolios.

Change & Risk Management

Change management and risk management solutions for project management offices (PMOs).

Time Management

Solutions for making the best use of participants' time when delivering a project.

Product Management

Solutions for product managers, product designers and supply chain partners.

Schedule Management

Solutions for managing and presenting complex project schedules.


Solutions for successfully planning and executing a project.