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Investment Organization Build-Out Plan Created with OnePager Pro

This project plan, summarized in OnePager Pro, and based on a Microsoft Project document, shows the steps required for a company to build a new financial services organization. It helps executives and HR staff determine the background market research, hiring procedures, and training required to build a high-performance investment management group within a financial organization.

Timeline for a financial services organization to build a new investment team.

Download Investment Organization Plan as PDF      Download Investment Organization Plan as Image

OnePager Pro Project Plan Features

The schedule features:

  • Baseline markers to show which deliverables are ahead of schedule or behind
  • Automatic color-coding of tasks by risk level (red, yellow or green)
  • Endpoints to call attention to start and finish dates for each task
  • Text boxes that enable project managers to add notes about important issues, risks, and potential solutions
  • Percent complete thermometer bars to show how close each task is to completion
  • Swimlanes grouped by different phases of the project

This organizational build-out project plan was presented using OnePager Pro, project presentation software from Chronicle Graphics that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project.

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