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Enterprise Financial System Upgrade Schedule Made Using OnePager Pro

This schedule, created in OnePager Pro, is based on a Microsoft Project plan. It shows the different requirements and deliverables for a corporate IT department to seamlessly upgrade a complex enterprise financial system. The project schedule clearly calls out important project risks so that executives can make the necessary decisions to keep the deployment on track.

Schedule of a financial system upgrade performed by a company's information technology team.

Download Financial System Upgrade Schedule as PDF      Download Financial System Upgrade Schedule as Image

OnePager Pro Schedule Features

The schedule features:

  • Grouping and color-coding the Gantt chart by each major project phase
  • Use of a curtain to create a visual break that indicates a holiday production code freeze for new system implementations
  • Comment boxes that draw executives' attention to critical risks and decision points to keep the implementation on schedule
  • Baseline Gantt bars to show which tasks are slipping from the original project schedule

This financial system upgrade schedule was created using OnePager Pro, schedule presentation software from Chronicle Graphics that imports data from Microsoft Project.

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