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Regional Branch Bank Expansion Program Schedule Created with OnePager Pro

This program view, created with OnePager Pro from a Microsoft Project plan, shows a national bank's regional expansion program over a three-year fiscal period. It enables executives to understand the overall program timeline, assess risks, and track progress against the original program plan.

Program summary for regional expansion of a national retail bank.

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OnePager Pro Program Features

This program summary features:

  • Fiscal time axis to align with the financial institution's fiscal reporting requirements
  • Dynamic color assignment and legend creation for each task assigned to a particular team
  • Grouping and ordering of program deliverables by implementation phase
  • Baseline Gantt bars that allow executives to compare the current schedule to the original program timeline
  • Vertical curtains to depict an important antitrust lawsuit that temporarily delayed regional land acquisition

This regional expansion program summary chart was created using OnePager Pro, program management presentation software from Chronicle Graphics that works as an add-in to Microsoft Project.

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