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Airport Runway Remediation Milestone Plan

This project schedule, created in OnePager Express, is based on several schedules from Oracle Primavera P6. It shows a series of sequential milestones related to airport runway remediation at several different airports.

Show a series of milestones for multiple airport runway remediation projects.

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OnePager Express Milestone Plan Features

The milestone plan features:

  • Import of multiple Oracle Primavera P6 schedules into a single report.
  • Grouping milestones for each airport into a swimlane.
  • Aligning multiple milestones into a single row to maximize space, and to show the sequence of events.
  • Assignment of color based on whether a milestone is complete, late, or in the future.
  • Assignment of different shapes based on whether a milestone is important or standard.
  • Automatic import of predecessor (dependency) information from P6 to show relationships between milestones.
  • Insertion of a curtain at today's date to distinguish future milestones from milestones that should have already been completed.

This airport runway remediation project milestone schedule was created using OnePager Express, a project reporting tool that uses data exported from Oracle Primavera P6.

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