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Army Corps of Engineers Levee Project Schedule Created with OnePager Pro

This project schedule, created in OnePager Pro, was exported from a Microsoft Project plan. It shows the construction schedule for a road resurfacing project at a levee maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. The schedule identifies important deliverables for both the Army Corps and its contractor, highlights risks and dependencies, and shows the ideal construction window that coincides with low vehicular traffic.

Project schedule for an Army Corps of Engineers levee road resurfacing job.

Download Army Corps Project Schedule as PDF      Download Army Corps Project Schedule as Image

OnePager Pro Schedule Features

The schedule features:

  • Baseline Gantt markers allow easy comparison of the current project schedule to the original.
  • Arrows that depict important relationships between deliverables.
  • Comment boxes call out key events that drive the project schedule.
  • Curtains that stripe the project plan into ideal and non-ideal seasonal delivery windows.
  • Milestone markers that automatically fill-in when a milestone is completed in Microsoft Project.

This Army Corps project schedule was created using OnePager Pro, a project presentation tool from Chronicle Graphics that uses data exported from Microsoft Project.

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