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International Air Service Schedule

This schedule, created in OnePager Express, depicts air service at an international airport.

International air service at an airport.

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International Air Service Schedule Features

The schedule features:

  • A timeline for each scheduled destination. Seasonal service is only shown when it is scheduled; year-round service spans the entire duration.
  • Less-than-daily service is shown with a dashed-line border.
  • Grouping of international destinations into swimlanes first by region (Canada, Europe, Asia, Central America, etc.) and then by destination (i.e. multiple flights to Cancun or London-Heathrow grouped together)
  • Each region is also assigned a distinct color.
  • The name of the airline servicing each destination is noted next to the flight information.

This International Air Service Schedule was created using OnePager Express, scheduling software that works with any Excel spreadsheet.

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