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Resource Scatterplot

This resource density chart, created in OnePager Express, provides a quick look at how busy different people are over the duration of a project. Each task is plotted as a separate dot, so an increase in the density of dots means that a person has more work and is busier at that point in time.

Project scatterplot chart showing density of resource assignments so you can tell who is overworked.

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In the example above, most people have their work pretty well balanced, but Jerome is overloaded in the month of March and Yoon-Seo has too much on her plate in August.

OnePager Express Resource Scatterplot

The resource density chart features:

  • Representation of each activity as a single dot based on its finish date.
  • Grouping tasks based on the person assigned, so all of a person's work is in a single swimlane.
  • Automatic detection of concurrent work; when a person is scheduled for two things at once, the assignments will appear on separate lines, to avoid overlap.
  • Assignment of a unique color to each resource.

This project resource scatterplot chart was built in OnePager Express, a project reporting tool that works with Excel.

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