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State Legislative Session Schedule Created in Excel with OnePager Express

This timeline view, created in OnePager Express, uses schedule information imported from an Excel spreadsheet. It shows a snapshot of a state legislature's session, including the introduction of new bills, votes by the House and Senate, and signing into law by the governor.

Timeline of a state's legislative session, including introduction of new bills, votes by the Senate and House, and obtaining the governor's signature.

Download State Legislative Timeline as PDF      Download State Legislative Timeline as Image

OnePager Express Timeline Features

This timeline uses:

  • Automatic grouping of milestones onto a bill-specific Gantt bar.
  • Assignment of unique symbols and colors based on the type of milestone (e.g. House vote, Senate introduction, etc.)
  • Swimlane labels on the left-hand column that make it easy to locate information about a specific bill.
  • Time cursor which indicates the current progress of the legislative session.

This state legislative timeline was built using OnePager Express, Gantt chart software from Chronicle Graphics that imports data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

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