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Transit Expansion Program Schedule Created using OnePager Pro

This program schedule, created in OnePager Pro, uses data exported from Microsoft Project. It shows the major milestones for a multi-year taxpayer-funded expansion of light rail and commuter rail service in a major metropolitan area.

Mass transit expansion program schedule, created in OnePager Pro.

Download Transit Expansion Program Schedule as PDF      Download Transit Expansion Program Schedule as Image

OnePager Pro Program Schedule Elements

The schedule features:

  • Automatic grouping of related tasks for each transit corridor into a single swimlane.
  • Dynamic color-coding of Gantt bars by construction phase defined in Microsoft Project.
  • Percent complete, displayed as a thermometer marker at the bottom of each Gantt bar.
  • Time cursor shows the current status of the program schedule.
  • Flexible time axis allows control over the start and finish dates to show all or part of the program schedule.

This mass transit expansion program schedule was created using OnePager Pro, project presentation software from Chronicle Graphics that integrates with Microsoft Project.

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