Clinical Milestone Tracker

This milestone chart, created in OnePager Express for Excel, is based on key activities for a clinical trial that were exported from Planisware PPM.

Planisware PPM milestones for a clinical trial are easily displayed in a OnePager Gantt chart.

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OnePager Express Milestone Chart

This milestone chart features:

  • Phase gate milestones in their own swimlane at the top of the chart.
  • Assignment of unique colors to each clinical phase, with FDA and EMA approvals displayed as flags.
  • Display of predecessor and successor information to illustrate the relationship of different phases of the clinical trials.
  • Import of a clinical trial schedule from Planisware PPM, via Excel.
  • Swimlanes for each clinical phase.

This clinical milestone tracker was created in OnePager Express, timeline software for Excel, using data exported from Planisware PPM.

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