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Patient Dosing Timeline

This timeline, created in OnePager Express for Excel, shows the dosing schedule for selected patients in a clinical trial.

Clinical trial patient dosing timeline.

Download Patient Dosing Timeline as PDF      Download Patient Dosing Timeline as Image

OnePager Express Timeline

This patient dosing timeline features:

  • Each patient's dosing history displayed on a single line to show the sequence of doses.
  • Dose sequencing numbered and color-coded so that the first dose is blue, the second dose is green, and the third dose is red.
  • Date of dose administration for each patient.
  • Patient identification number displayed next to each patient's dosing schedule.
  • Swimlanes segment the dosings first by age group, and then by dosing level. Adult dosings are grouped together, followed by child dosings, and teen dosings. Underneath those age groupings, subgroupings display the different dosing levels of 50 mL, 100 mL, and 150 mL so that its easier to correlate related age/dose trial participants.

This timeline features a small sample of the patients and doses that would be given in a full-scale clinical trial. If your clinical trial is larger, you can import up to 1,000 doses into a single document, which would typically be spread across multiple pages. If you need to track more than 1,000 doses, you can create separate reports in OnePager from the same dataset to make each chart more manageable. For example, you might create one dosage timeline for adults receiving a 150 mL dose, and another timeline for children receiving a 50 mL dose. OnePager is able to dynamically filter the data from a single spreadsheet to create multiple views of the same data.

To learn more about how OnePager can help you track patients' dosing during a clinical trial, get started today by downloading a free trial.

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Sample Files

This patient dosing timeline was built using the following files, which you can download in Excel format if you'd like to create something similar:

Excel Samples

Patient Dosing Timeline.xlsx (Excel Plan)

Patient Dosing Timeline (Excel).tat (OnePager Template for Excel)

Excel Instructions

To build a patient dosing timeline like the example above, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the set of sample files listed above. The Excel file contains the dosing schedule itself, and the matching OnePager template file has all of the settings that control the formatting of the timeline based on the data from the Excel file. Save both files to your desktop.

  2. Open the Excel plan.

  3. Once the project plan is open, go to Add-Ins and click the OnePager button.

  4. When the start screen appears, click NEW to build a new chart.

  5. Change OnePager's default template to the one downloaded above. To do this, click on Change, and then BROWSE FILES to the OnePager template (*.tat) file. This OnePager template contains most of the data-driven formatting (colors, layout, etc.) that give this patient dosing timeline its specific look.

  6. With the template loaded, click on Create New Chart to build your timeline. It should closely match the example at the top of this article.

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