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Preclinical Timeline Developed using OnePager Pro

This timeline, created in OnePager Pro using data from Microsoft Project, illustrates the four-year preclinical phase of a new pharmaceutical product.

Timeline of the preclinical phase of a drug development project.

Download Preclinical Phase Timeline as PDF      Download Preclinical Phase Timeline as Image

OnePager Pro Timeline Elements

This timeline features:

  • Automatic color-coding of individual project components
  • Comparison of baseline project dates to the original project plan
  • Comment boxes that call out important elements on the timeline
  • Links to illustrate key dependencies in the schedule
  • Percent complete markers to show the progression of the clinical phase

This preclinical project schedule was created using OnePager Pro, Gantt chart software that integrates with Microsoft Project.

To learn more about how OnePager can help you manage and present your preclinical project, get started today by downloading a free trial.

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Sample Files

This preclinical phase timeline was created using the following files, which you can download in either Microsoft Project or Excel format to create something similar for your own team:

For Microsoft Project users:

For Excel users:


To build a preclinical phase timeline like the example above, follow these instructions:

  1. Download one of the two sets of sample files listed above. There is a Microsoft Project or Excel plan containing all of the preclinical tasks for the project, plus a matching OnePager template for Excel or Microsoft Project that will help define the layout of the Gantt chart itself. Save both files to your desktop.

  2. Open the Microsoft Project or Excel file.

  3. Once the file is open, go to Add-Ins and click the OnePager button.

  4. On the OnePager start screen, click NEW to build a new Gantt chart.

  5. We need to change OnePager's default template to the one downloaded above. To do this, click on Change, and then BROWSE FILES to the OnePager template (*.tat) file. This OnePager template contains all of the data-driven formatting (styles, layout, etc.) that give this Gantt chart its unique look. Make sure that you use the OnePager template that matches your Microsoft Project or Excel source file.

    Template for Preclinical Phase Timeline

  6. Once the custom OnePager template is selected, click on Create New Project View to build your project schedule. It should look pretty close to the example at the top of this article.
  7. To add comments to your Gantt chart, click on any task or milestone and then go to Insert > Comment:

    Add a comment to your Gantt chart

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