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OnePager Express Makes a Product Portfolio Roadmap from an Excel Spreadsheet

This product portfolio roadmap, designed in OnePager Express, is based on a simple Excel spreadsheet of product launches. It looks at a long-range roadmap for multiple products, and summarizes them on a single page so that it is easy to understand.

This product portfolio roadmap shows the launch of new products and revisions across multiple geographic regions. It was created in OnePager Express using data from a simple Excel spreadsheet.

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OnePager Express Product Portfolio Roadmap Features

This roadmap features:

  • Dynamic timeline of all major product releases
  • Display of key milestones within each product, such as local market launches
  • Conditional formatting of each product launch to have a unique color and symbol
  • Grouping of product versions into a shared swimlane for each product family
  • Time cursor to show the current date relative to future product portfolio plans

This product portfolio roadmap was designed using OnePager Express, product roadmapping software from Chronicle Graphics that plugs into Microsoft Excel.

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