Site Production Roadmaps from Excel with OnePager Express

This site production roadmap, planned in OnePager Express, was created from a simple Excel spreadsheet. It was designed to help a manufacturing company optimize its global production assets over a diverse and evolving line of consumer electronics products.

This site production roadmap shows allocation of manufacturing assets worldwide across a diverse line of electronics products for a fictional manufacturer.

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OnePager Express Site Production Roadmap Features

This site production roadmap features:

  • Collection of manufacturing activities by assembly line, which shows allocation of manufacturing assets
  • Grouping of assembly lines by manufacturing site, showing concurrent activities in each plant or division
  • Conditional formatting of each product manufacturing activity by the product category (e.g. chips, batteries, etc.)
  • Links to show movement of manufacturing activities from one plant to another as established products are outsourced overseas, and cutting-edge products are manufactured locally

This site production roadmap was created using OnePager Express, product roadmapping software from Chronicle Graphics that integrates with Microsoft Excel.

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