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Time Management Solutions for PMs

Making the best use of each resource's time is key to overall project success. See how OnePager, an add-in to MS Project or Excel, helps project managers make the best use of everyone's time on a project:

  • Allow resources to only focus on the deliverables that are relevant to their portion of a project
  • Quickly show executives a high-level status of one or multiple projects, and identify problem spots
  • Identify deliverables at the individual or the team level
  • Understand which tasks and milestones are ahead of schedule, and which are at risk of slipping

Sample Time Management Solutions

OnePager charts are a key tool in making better use of each contributor's time on the project. Here are the types of charts that OnePager can create for your team:

How to create an hour-by-hour Gantt chart.

Hourly Gantt Chart

For shorter-duration projects, it's often important to visualize the precise time that tasks are supposed to start and stop, instead of just their due date.

View Hourly Gantt Chart >

How to create a project resource allocation report.

Project Resource Allocation Reports

How to use OnePager Pro to color-code a Microsoft Project plan so that it shows tasks with overallocated resources.

View Resource Allocation Report >

Hourly project timeline

Hourly Project Timeline

Create an hour-by-hour timeline of your project plan.

View Hourly Project Timeline >

Magnified time period on Gantt chart

Gantt Chart with Magnified Time Axis

Magnify busy periods of your project for better visibility.

View Magnified Gantt Chart >

Hourly Timeline of Multiple Projects

Hourly Timeline of Multiple Projects

Import several hourly project plans into a single timeline.

View Hourly Timeline of Multiple Projects >

Learn how to build a multi-project summary schedule using multiple Microsoft Project files.

Summarizing a Multi-Project Schedule

Find out how to create a one-page summary of multiple projects from different MS Project plans.

View Multi-Project Schedule >

Create a report showing resource usage in a Primavera P6 project.

Primavera P6 Resource Report

Create a Gantt chart that groups a Primavera P6 project into swimlanes based on the resources assigned to each activity.

View Primavera P6 Resource Report >

Learn how to create a presentation template for Microsoft Project plans.

Creating a Microsoft Project Template

Learn how to set up a template that will standardize all of your Microsoft Project plans in a consistent presentation format.

View Microsoft Project Template >

Learn how to create a simple timeline based on your project schedule.

Building a Simple Project Timeline

This article describes how OnePager Pro, an add-in for Microsoft Project, can create simple timelines of one or many project plans.

View Simple Project Timeline >

Learn how to build a Gantt chart in Excel using OnePager Express.

How to Make a Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel

Many project managers keep track of schedules, but don't have a way to create Gantt charts easily. OnePager Express can create a Gantt chart from virtually any Excel spreadsheet.

View Excel Gantt Chart >

Track changes to your project schedule as tasks are updated from week to week.

Tracking Project Schedule Changes in a Timeline View

See how OnePager can create a series of progressive timelines that track the changes to individual tasks or phases within your Microsoft Project plan.

View Project Schedule Change Tracking >

How to create templates for Gantt charts, timelines, and project schedules.

Creating project schedule (Gantt chart) templates

See how easy it is to create templates for Gantt charts, project timelines, and project schedules using OnePager Pro, an add-in for Microsoft Project.

View Project Schedule Template >

How to create a resource-by-resource timeline.

Creating a Microsoft Project Resource Report

Learn how to create a resource-by-resource report of your Microsoft Project schedule, using OnePager Pro, the easy timeline add-in for Microsoft Project.

View Resource Timeline >

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