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Multi-Site Server Deployment Timeline Created in OnePager Pro

This server deployment schedule, summarized in OnePager Pro, is based on schedule information imported from MS Project. It summarizes the overall deliverables relating to a multi-site production server deployment project, including key launch milestones.

Schedule for a multi-site production server deployment.

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OnePager Pro Server Deployment Schedule Features

This schedule uses:

  • Summarization of data from multiple Microsoft Project plans.
  • Grouping of project deliverables into swimlanes based on NOC location.
  • Baseline markers that indicate which deliverables are ahead of schedule, and which deliverables are late.
  • Vertical curtain that blocks off a holiday code freeze for production deployments.
  • Comment boxes that call out important events that will impact the overall delivery timeline.

This multi-site server deployment schedule was created using OnePager Pro, project summary software from Chronicle Graphics that uses data exported from Microsoft Project.

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