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Billing System Upgrade Project Schedule Made in Excel with OnePager Express

This project plan, created with OnePager Express and based on a task list kept in Excel, shows the major deliverables for the installation of a new billing system and conversion of a legacy system for a telecommunications company. The plan provides an executive summary that is rich with information, but is easy to create and update as the delivery schedule changes throughout the course of the project.

Billng system upgrade project Gantt chart for a telecom company.

Download Billing System Upgrade Project as PDF      Download Billing System Upgrade Project as Image

OnePager Express Billing System Upgrade Project Features

The project plan uses:

  • Collection of individual tasks into swimlanes based on overall project phase.
  • Arrows to show dependencies and predecessor relationships between tasks and milestones.
  • Dynamic color-coding of tasks and milestones by the team or resources assigned to each deliverable.
  • Baselines allowing comparison of the current schedule to the original project plan.
  • Comment boxes to call out important events that take place throughout the project delivery.
  • Progress markers that dynamically change as tasks and milestones are completed

This telecommunications billing system upgrade project plan was created using OnePager Express, Gantt chart software from Chronicle Graphics that imports schedule information from Microsoft Excel.

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