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Making a Fiber Installation Timeline with Microsoft Project and OnePager Pro

This fiber upgrade rollout timeline, created with OnePager Pro, an add-in for MS Project, shows the major phases of a multi-city network upgrade and buildout (fiber to the curb) for a major telecommunications company. It gives executives and project sponsors a high-level understanding of the network upgrade project without providing too much detail.

A telecom company's master project schedule for a major fiber optic network upgrade.

Download Fiber Installation Timeline as PDF      Download Fiber Installation Timeline as Image

OnePager Pro Fiber Upgrade Timeline Features

The timeline features:

  • Automatic segmentation of the timeline into two sub-projects: new construction and existing network upgrades.
  • Further segmentation of each telco market into a separate row on the timeline.
  • Color-coding of each major phase in a consistent manner so one market can be compared to another.
  • Curtains to show events that impact the entire project delivery, such as an FCC ruling.
  • Percent complete markers indicate the progress of each individual deliverable.
  • Comment boxes explain why certain tasks are behind schedule.

This fiber optic rollout timeline was created using OnePager Pro, timeline software from Chronicle Graphics that imports one or multiple project plans from Microsoft Project to create high-level views of a project or program.

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