Merger & Acquisition Integration Schedules Made Easy with OnePager Pro

This high-level schedule, created with OnePager Pro, an add-in for MS Project, illustrates the major integration activities following the merger of two large telecommunications carriers. The M&A schedule is presented at an executive level, and is broken out by phase for easier understanding.

Merger and acquisition integration schedule for a telecom company.

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OnePager Pro M&A Integration Schedule Features

The schedule features:

  • Milestone markers that depict major events in the project (merger approval, integration complete, etc.)
  • Automatic color-coding and grouping of tasks into swimlanes by their delivery phases.
  • Display of the schedule based on the company's fiscal year (customizable time axis).
  • Percent complete/progress markers that show how far along each task is towards completion.
  • Imported budget information from MS Project that accompanies each row of the schedule.

This M&A integration schedule was created using OnePager Pro, timeline software from Chronicle Graphics that imports one or multiple project plans from Microsoft Project.

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