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Compatibility and Versioning

Which operating systems and Microsoft Office editions are supported by OnePager.

Exporting, Printing, and Page Layout

Fitting your OnePager report to a certain page size, inserting page breaks, exporting, and printing your report.

Field Mappings

Customize the Project or Excel fields that OnePager displays in your report.

File and Data Management

How to maintain, transfer, and secure your OnePager data.

Formatting and Data Display

How to assign colors, shapes, and other formatting styles to tasks and milestones. Also includes display of project data such as baselines, dependencies, and percent complete.

Getting Started

Basic concepts for new OnePager users, including how to launch the application and create new project views.


Installing OnePager, or troubleshooting an existing installation.


Configuring and customizing the legend.


How to request permanent license keys, upgrade keys, or transfers of licenses.

Missing or Incorrect Data

What to do if your OnePager chart is displaying missing or out-of-date information.


Information on application and data security, including OnePager's response to vulnerabilities.

Server Connections

How OnePager connects to Project Online, Project Server, PWA, Smartsheet, Planisware, and SharePoint.

Swimlanes and Rows

How to group your chart into swimlanes, and how to collect multiple tasks into the same row.


Help with sharing your project view or templates with other OnePager users

Time Axis

Customizing the units of time that appear on your OnePager report.

Troubleshooting and Errors

Explanations of error messages that may appear and guidance on how to solve common technical issues.

Updating a Report

How to refresh an existing report when your data in Project or Excel has changed.