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Locating data when OnePager is still installed (v5.1 or earlier)

These instructions are intended for users of OnePager 5.1 or earlier. We have separate instructions for OnePager 5.2 or later. Be sure to back your data up before uninstalling OnePager.

To back up all of your current OnePager data into one TAD file:

  1. Launch OnePager on your old computer
  2. Navigate to File > Backup > For archive
  3. Name the TAD file that can be copied to your new machine. You might want to save the TAD file to your desktop for easy access.

A TAD file is a data file that contains all of your project views, templates, custom shapes, and palettes. It can be moved from one computer to another.

Note: If you have installed and used OnePager in more than one account on the old machine, you must repeat this process for each user account.

Last Updated: December 27, 2019