Text Truncated after Exporting to PowerPoint

If your report looks ok in OnePager, but is missing one or two letters from each line after exporting to PowerPoint, it is usually due to a font mismatch, especially if that PowerPoint presentation is being sent from one computer to another.

For example, assume you have a OnePager chart with all of the text using "Font X" that you create on Machine A:

You can export this OnePager chart to PowerPoint, and it will look fine on your own computer. However, if you e-mail that PowerPoint presentation to a colleague to open on Machine B, it's possible that "Font X" isn't available. Because your original font wasn't available, when your colleague opens the PowerPoint presentation, Machine B will substitute "Font Y" instead of "Font X". The fonts look similar, but they're slightly different, which can use the last character to get cut off, like this:

If your PowerPoint export looks good on one computer, but is missing the last letter on another computer, there is a very good chance that this is what you are experiencing. There are three ways to address this:

Use a More Common Font

For any text that is subject to the issue, we recommend switching to a very common font like Arial or Arial Narrow in your OnePager prior to sending anything to PowerPoint, to ensure fonts display consistently on all computers. The more common the font, the more reliable the output will be from computer to computer.

This is good guidance for PowerPoint in general, not just OnePager.

Save to PowerPoint instead of Copy/Pasting

There are two ways to get your OnePager chart into PowerPoint:

  1. Copying your chart to the clipboard using Home > Copy and then pasting into a PowerPoint presentation as clipart:

  2. Saving your chart to a .pptx format using File > Save As and then selecting a PowerPoint file format:

Saving directly to a PowerPoint format does tend to provide better font reproduction than copying and pasting as clipart, so if your fonts are being truncated, #2 above is the recommended approach.

Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

A more robust option is to tell PowerPoint to embed fonts in the PPT file while you are still on Machine A and have access to "Font X". You can do this in PowerPoint by:
  1. Going to File > Save As
  2. Clicking on Tools > Save Options:

  3. Ensuring that the Embed fonts in the file box is checked before saving your PowerPoint file:

PowerPoint will make a copy of the font file from Machine A, and will include it as a part of the PPT file so that any other computer can access that font as a part of viewing the PPT presentation, even if that font isn't otherwise available. The best part about this approach is that you don't have to change any of your settings in OnePager.