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Locating Missing Tasks or Milestones

If you have imported a task or milestone from your source file, but cannot find it in your OnePager chart, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The task has been hidden
  • The task has been de-flagged, and is no longer being imported
  • The dates of the task do not match the dates of your report, so the task is off the left or right edge.
  • The row or swimlane containing the task has been hidden.
  • The task is buried beneath another task on the chart.
  • The task has been absorbed into another task and is showing as a comment box instead of a task.
  • The task has been collapsed into a virtual summary task alongside nearby related tasks.
  • The task data in your source file has been corrupted and needs repair

If you have already refreshed (Data > Replace Snapshot) your OnePager report, and are still not seeing the task in question, go to Home > Show/Hide > Where's My Stuff to have OnePager locate items that are not visible in your chart.

Once you have found the items that you are looking for, select them, and then click the Fix Selected button to bring them back.

For example, if a task is hidden, OnePager will unhide it. If a task's dates are out of range, OnePager will adjust the date range of the report to ensure that the task's dates are visible.

Last Updated: August 18, 2021