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Locating data when OnePager has already been uninstalled (v5.1 or earlier)

These instructions are intended for users of OnePager 5.1 or earlier. We have separate instructions for OnePager 5.2 or later.

If you forgot to back up your OnePager data before uninstalling, you can still access it.

When you uninstall OnePager, all of your data is automatically backed up for safekeeping into a file called "UpdateBackup". The UpdateBackup file is on your old computer's hard drive. Its default location depends on the version of Windows you are running:

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Chronicle Graphics\OnePager\data
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Chronicle Graphics\OnePager\data

On occasion, your IT or IS department will customize the location of your OnePager UpdateBackup file. If you are unable to find your UpdateBackup file in either of the two locations above, you will need to check your registry to see where the UpdateBackup file is being stored. This is easy to do:

  1. Launch the registry editor by opening a command prompt and typing regedit
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Chronicle Graphics -> OnePager
  3. Locate the CGDataPath item as shown below. This is the location of the data folder that contains your OnePager UpdateBackup file:
    Registry settings for location of OnePager data file

Last Updated: December 27, 2019