Schema Mismatch/Downgrade Warning

Sometimes, when OnePager is not installed correctly, you will receive a schema mismatch warning like this:

The schema that OnePager expects does not match the schema of the database that has just been opened. The database schema is newer than the OnePager schema and has been downgraded.

This most often happens when a newer version of OnePager is installed in your account only for your use, but an older version remains installed in another account on your computer (e.g. an administrator account) and is available for ALL users, or vice-versa.

The fact that an older version is available to ALL users means that it's available to you, even though you've upgraded to the newer version for your own use. This creates a conflict between the two versions of OnePager in your account. Here's how to fix the issue:

  1. Uninstall OnePager from your account
  2. Uninstall OnePager from ALL other user accounts on your computer (admin account, etc.) You may need your helpdesk to do this if you don't have access to the other accounts on your computer.
  3. Once both versions of OnePager have been uninstalled, please reinstall the new version. You can do this in your account ("For Just me") or can do it in an admin account for all users ("For Everyone").
  4. Once this is complete, restart your computer. OnePager should reappear on your add-ins tab, and the warning about schemas not matching will go away.