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How to choose custom date, text, and number fields from Microsoft Project

By default, OnePager Pro uses standard Microsoft Project fields to build your reports, but if you have set up custom fields and wish to include them instead, it's easy to substitute one for the other.

OnePager allows you to pick custom fields for the start date, finish date, baseline dates, deadline, percent complete, task name, critical path, and pretty much everything else.

In the examples below, we'll select a custom start and finish date of "Start1" and "Finish1" instead of the standard "Start" and "Finish" fields.

Choosing Custom Fields in a New Report

The best way to use custom fields in your OnePager report is to set them up at the very beginning:

  1. Click the NEW button to start creating a new chart
  2. On the import wizard, check the Show field mappings box at the bottom and then click Next.
  3. You'll be taken to a second page of the import wizard where you can easily change your field choices for the most popular settings:
  4. Continue to create your new report as you normally would.

Switching to Custom Fields in an Existing Report

If you've already built your report and realize that you need to change your field selections later, it's not a problem:

  1. Open your report.
  2. Go to Home > Chart Properties > Field Mappings to see which fields are currently being used by OnePager. Change any fields that you need to:
  3. Click OK and OnePager will reimport the data from the new fields, replacing the data from the old fields.

If you don't see the field you are looking for in the dropdowns, please read our article on advanced field mapping for more suggestions.

Last Updated: August 12, 2020