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How to request a license key

Requesting Your License Key

  1. Launch OnePager and wait for the Start screen to appear.
  2. Go to Help->Get Standard License, or just press Ctrl+L. The licensing screen will show your Installation Code.
  3. If you see a Request License Key button on the licensing screen, click it. If not, copy your installation code (Ctrl+C) and go to the License Keys section of our support website.
  4. Complete the license key request form, including your installation code, and your order number (yours or ours) and click the Request Key button on the website.

We will email you a standard license key based upon the installation code that you submit.

Activating Your License Key

Once you have your license key, you need to enter it into OnePager to complete the activation process:
  1. Return to the licensing screen in OnePager, which should still be open from earlier.
  2. Paste your license key where prompted.
  3. Press Activate License.

You should next receive confirmation that the key is valid. If not, make sure that you have pasted the key correctly. If you are typing the key rather than pasting it, be aware that it is case sensitive! If you are sure that you have pasted the correct key and it still does not accept it, please contact us via email for assistance: [email protected].

Last Updated: December 27, 2019