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Label tasks based on multiple Excel fields

By default, OnePager Express labels tasks and milestones based on whatever you've designated to be the task name field in Excel. However, this can be customized so that labels are based on an Excel field that combines multiple pieces of data.

  1. In Excel, insert a custom field such as "Label". This field will eventually concatenate to contain a combination of all of the custom data that we want to import from neighboring Excel fields.

  2. Define an Excel formula that combines multiple fields into one, like this:

    Combine multiple values into a single cell

  3. This example formula combines the "Task Name" and "Duration" fields into a single text field called "Label" that OnePager Express can use.

  4. Now, build your OnePager report as you normally would, but on the Field Mappings page, make sure that you've selected the new combined field for labeling:

    Import the custom field as the task label

  5. If you're trying to re-label your tasks in an existing report instead of a new one, you can do that as well. Go to Data > Replace Snapshot to bring in the new field.

  6. Next, go to Home > Chart Properties > Field Mappings and change your labeling field:

    Re-map the concatenated field as your label

  7. Once you've made this change--either in a new report or one you're updating--you'll see the combined field used as your label:

    Label based on multiple Excel fields

Last Updated: August 12, 2020