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Could Not Add the Source File Project1 When Updating a Report

If you have Microsoft Project open and are updating one of your existing OnePager reports, you may receive a warning like this:

Could not add the source file Project1 because Trouble when my file type is 6 or 17. You can add or remove Microsoft Project files below. Then press OK to continue the update.

This warning message is coming from Microsoft Project, and isn't very helpful. In plain English, it means that OnePager is trying to update your report using your original Project plan PLUS an extra Project plan that you also have open. This extra project plan could be a legitimate MPP file, or it could be a blank/untitled plan. You may not even realize that you have a second Project plan open, but if you do, Project can sometimes send it over to OnePager, and because it doesn't match the other project plans in report you are updating, it can't be imported.

This can also happen if you are updating a OnePager chart that was originally created from Project Server, but you happen to have a local .mpp file open in Microsoft Project at the same time that you are running your update. OnePager can't combine local MPP files and plans from Project Server/Project Online into the same report, which is the basis of what the warning is saying.

To fix this, all you need to do is close the extra file in Microsoft Project. Click on the Microsoft Project icon on the Windows Taskbar. You should see a window pop up showing all of the plans that Microsoft Project has open, to close anything that shouldn't be included in your OnePager update:

Blank Microsoft Project plan showing in the Windows Taskbar

Simply close the extra file(s), return to OnePager, and run your update again. With the extra project gone, everything will run smoothly.

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This issue can also appear with a different warning message when you are doing a refresh from inside OnePager instead of pushing your update from Microsoft Project. In this second case, it will warn you about Project not being logged into Project Server while you are trying to run your update.

Last Updated: December 27, 2019