Stretching the Time Axis

Beginning with OnePager 6.1, you have the ability to create a non-linear time axis, with some periods of time wider or narrower than others:

Logarithmic time axis, timeline, or timescale stretched, expanded, and compressed

Drag and Drop Resizing

Timespans in OnePager can be widened or narrowed by clicking on a cell and dragging the handlebars left or right. You can select multiple cells and stretch them simultaneously. You can also stretch different timespans to be different sizes.

For example, if you want 2018 to be double-sized, 2019 to be normal, and 2020 to be half-sized, you would stretch 2018 to 200%, leave 2019 as-is, and compress 2020 down to 50%.

Another possibility is to stretch cells within cells. For example, you can stretch the entire year 2018 to be 50%, stretch the second quarter of 2018 to be even smaller at 25%, but then triple May of 2018 to be 300% if you need to zoom in on that particular month.

To undo any stretching, right-click anywhere on the time axis and choose the Unstretch All Cells option. This will reset all time on the time axis to 100% scale.

Rules-Based Resizing

For more precise and repeatable stretches to the time axis, OnePager lets you define rules. Here's how:

  1. Go to Home > Project View Properties > Time Axis > Format
  2. Click the Add Timespan button to create a new timespan rule:

    Stretch and compress the timeline.
  3. In the screenshot above, the first rule doubles 2018. The second rule compresses Q3 2018 down to 50%. The third rule expands August 2018 to 400% zoom.
  4. To temporarily disable any timespan rules, uncheck the ON box next to the rule in question. This will keep the rule available for future use, but won't apply it until it has been enabled again.